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5cent raises funds for FoodMate

5cent raises funds for FoodMate! Our friends at YGAP asked you to donate your leftover 5 cent pieces for charity during May. They received over 4.2 million 5 cent pieces, which is the equivalent of $213,192! […]

Pretty much the FoodMate program structured me out a bit more. So like I spend money more wisely and then I make sure that my fridge is packed every week and just with things like that which was a lot better than ‘ah let’s go to Coles today and get one meal for the day’.
FoodMate Participant

Yeah the group doesn’t provide just recipes and how to cook them. It also provides where to go to get cheap fruit and vegies… Like Footscray market for example, that’s an awesome place.
FoodMate Participant
I got the option of doing it in a group and I was like um ‘nup’. So I had to work myself up to do it. I must admit like it’s more interactive, more fun, like you’re having a bit more of a laugh.
FoodMate Participant
One of the most engaged groups last year was the one with Feltman where they actually looked at what your body did with food and all of that – they were so engaged and asked so many questions… the conversations they had with their case workers later, that’s sinking in, that is knowledge that they’ve got that will rise to the surface at some other point.
FoodMate Caseworker
We have seen a decrease in access to our food pantry from past participants and definite improvements in overall health. In fact, some have engaged in physical activity (ie: football) as diet change has increased energy levels, this is also true of mental health where we have witnessed increased well being and in a couple of instances reduced substance use.
Manager, FoodMate Host Agency
Nutrition education interventions such as FoodMate by SecondBite may promote positive and sustainable shifts towards food independence up to two years after program completion. Embedding the program within community case management services is believed to contribute to more sustainable changes in food related behaviours and food independence.
Academic Researcher and Accredited Practising Dietitian